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ACL/PCL Guide System


  • A rigid and accurate guide designed for easy, single-handed placement.
  • Rigid design with calibrated tip resulting in consistent, accurate guide-wire placement.
  • Broad face of tip easily passes through notch and provides a means of protecting posterior capsule during guide wire drilling.
  • Four sharp points for the bullet helps in securing engagement of the ACL guide at any angle.
  • Accurate reproducible placement and drilling of tibial and femoral tunnels during single incision ACL reconstruction.
  • Works on bone-tendon-bone-and other grafts.
  • ACL elbow aimer used for drilling when the ACL stump is not detached from the tibial end.
  • PCL tibial aimer provides a mean of protecting posterior capsule during guide wire drilling.
  • PCL femoral aimer helps in accurate guide work placement. The hoop tip provides a visual reference for the diameter of the fully rearmed tunnel thus helping avoid tunnel encroachment on the articulated surface.

ACL/PCL Guide System
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ACL/PCL Guide System

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